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The names of the founding fathers of Daimler AG, Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz, are inextricably linked with the creation of the automobile. The history of the automobile began in 1886 with Daimler’s first motor carriage and Carl Benz’s three-wheeled vehicle. From the very beginning, Daimler’s automobiles have been positioned as the leading vehicles for quality, safety and comfort.

The history behind the Mercedes-Benz brand

The Mercedes-Benz brand was born under a lucky star: the current trademark comprising a three-pointed star in a laurel wreath was created in 1925 – in time for the merger between Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft (DMG) and Benz & Cie., which together became Daimler-Benz AG, in summer 1926.

The Daimler Group

Daimler group is one of the biggest producers of premium cars and the world’s biggest manufacturer of commercial vehicles with a global reach. They provide financing, leasing, fleet management, insurance and innovative mobility services.


As the inventor of the automobile, Daimler believes it is their mission and their duty to shape the future of mobility in a safe and sustainable manner – with trendsetting technologies, outstanding products and made-to-measure services.



Their overriding corporate goal is to achieve sustainable profitable growth and thus to increase the value of the Group. They strive to achieve the leading position in all their businesses.

1. Leadership in technology and innovation

Concept IAA: The study switches automatically from design mode to aerodynamic mode.
 Concept IAA: The study switches automatically from design mode to aerodynamic mode.

They set standards in the areas of technology and innovation – from green technologies to autonomously driving passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Here, they utilize the potential generated by their cross-divisional research activities and use shared systems and solutions if possible. With respect to the use of digital technologies, they want to lead the industry with their products as well as in their contacts with customers.

2. Delighted customers

2015 more customers than ever before opted to buy a vehicle from Daimler — over 2.9 million, to be exact.
2015 more customers than ever before opted to buy a vehicle from Daimler — over 2.9 million, to be exact.

They create value for their customers with leading brands in all divisions. They aim to finish at the top of all relevant customer satisfaction rankings and to continuously convince customers with the outstanding quality of their products. In addition to their vehicles, they aim to delight their customers with customized transport and mobility services.

3. Excellent teams

Mercedes-Benz Vito, production, plant Vitoria.
Mercedes-Benz Vito, production, plant Vitoria.

Their employees are proud to work for Daimler, and they are an employer of choice for job applicants. They work in teams, in which they assign great importance to diversity in gender, nationality and a good generational mix. The four corporate values – Passion, Respect, Integrity and Discipline – form the basis of their activities. Integrity is particularly important to their company. It guides our actions with respect to the company’s employees, business partners and customers. They are firmly convinced that conducting business with integrity makes us more successful on a permanent basis and – at the same time – is good for society.

4. Profitable growth

The new E-Class: The most intelligent executive saloon.
The new E-Class: The most intelligent executive saloon.

They have set theirselves the goal of achieving an average return on sales of 9% (EBIT in relation to sales) for the automotive business, based on the target returns for the individual divisions, which we intend to achieve on a sustainable basis: 10% for Mercedes-Benz Cars, 8% for Daimler Trucks, 9% for Mercedes-Benz Vans and 6% for Daimler Buses. They have set theirselves a target return on equity of 17% for the Daimler Financial Services Division.


1st Quarter Interim Report 2016


Resultados Q1 Daimler.JPG

“Revenue up by 2% to 35 billion €”

“Group EBIT down by -26% vs Q1 2015″

“Net profit down by -32% vs Q1 2015″

“Free cash flow down by -88% VS Q1 2015




Talking about the graph, the stock touched the minimum of the year (50.83€) after Brexit´s day.

At 50.83€, Daimler was a clear buy and hold for us. The stock almost filled completily the gap of the brexit´s day so we expect the stock to go down to the level of 55€, which is a nice support.

“Our recommendation is to entry at 55€ with a stop-loss under the minimun of the year in 50€”

“In case the 50€ are lost, we will open short positions in the stock with the stop loss in 51€”

Like always, this is our personal point of view, you draw your own conclusions. We wish you happy investments and good trading!